Courant Japora Rope

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  • Courant Japora Rope

This rope is the product of two years of research and development, tested by climbers of several continents. They loved its flexibility,

resistance to abrasion & behaviour with hardware.

Particularly adapted for demanding climbers, it’s 24-strand sheath brings a soft touch & it’s core of several fibres makes the rope perfectly round; overall producing a light weight rope with minimum elongation/stretch.

The low weight will give you a sensation of lightness when traveling in around in the tree & the colour flash makes the rope more visible.


Type: A

Diameter: 11.5 mm

Materials: Polyamide / Polyester

Static resistance: 2500 daN

Resistance with splice: 2000 daN

Metric Weight: 92.7 gr

Retraction: 2.9%

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