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Courant Kanopa Pro 11.7mm Climbing Rope

  • £85.38

  • Brand: Courant
  • Product Code: CL-MJF30LGC040
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30m 1 Eye - £85.38+VAT RRP £100.45+VAT

30m 2 Eyes - £101.32+VAT RRP £119.20+VAT

40m 1 Eye - £108.12+VAT RRP £127.20+VAT

40m 2 Eyes - £124.46+VAT RRP £146.43+VAT

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  • Courant Kanopa Pro 11.7mm Climbing Rope

Based on the same technology as Kanopa, the Kanopa Pro has been developed for demanding climbers looking for even greater performance.

Its low weight will give you a sensation of lightness in all your movements in the tree. This technical rope is very flexible thanks to Multi-braid, guaranteed without sock effect. It is thermo-stabilised for long-lasting performance.


Its flashy colour makes it more visible in trees.


Technology: XBRAID and I.T.N. SYSTEM


- Certification: CE EN 1891 type A

- Diameter: 11 x 7mm

- Mean breaking strength: 30 kN

- Resistance with figure-eight knot 24 kN

- Resistance with stitching: 26 kN

- Resistance with splicing: 24

- Elongation 50/150 Kg: 2.5%

- Weight per metre: 95 gr

- Knotting quality: 0.8

- Sheath percentage: 68%

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