Cambium Saver - Steel - 1.1m Petzl Treesbee

  • £42.50

  • RRP: £50.00
  • You Save: £7.50
  • Brand: Petzl
  • Product Code: CL0062
  • Inc. Tax:

Protects the tree and improves rope glide at the anchor

  • Can be retrieved from the ground
  • Wide webbing limits twisting
  • Triple thickness of termination on large ring side makes the webbing more rigid during retrieval
  • Available in two versions:
    - strap with large diameter ring and small ring for ropes with spliced terminations (the splice goes through the small ring)
    - strap with large diameter ring and quick link (triangle) for ropes with sewn terminations (the link opens to let the sewn termination through)
  • Easily identifiable color code:
    - large ring and webbing are yellow
    - small ring or triangle and the end of the webbing are black

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