Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet - (Groundsman)

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  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Product Code: HE0004
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Helmet Functional has a high level of features to fit individual preferences, perfect for a forest worker who seeks comfort and ergonomics in daily work. It has a 6-point textile harness for best comfort and low pressure against the head and includes the new UltraVision visor that due to low light reduction gives a clearer view. The hearing protectors have optimal ergonomics for prolonged use.

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  • Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet - (Groundsman)

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  • Adjustable Visor
  • Light reduction of the visor is 20% over the whole mesh area.
  • Hearing protectors are adjustable sideways
  • Complete with visor sun peak hearing protectors and neck guard.
  • Adjustable hearing protectors vertically
  • Replaceable lining and push-out air vents
  • Resistant to UV light. Visor gives good visibility and good water run-off

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