CE Climb System - Complete with 11mm Tachyon Rope

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  • CE Climb System - Complete with 11mm Tachyon Rope

CEclimb is the world‘s first completely certified climbing system (ascent and work positioning system) including a climbing rope and the Hitch Climber friction hitch system. CEclimb includes the TEUFELBERGER Group‘s well-known Tachyon™  tree-climbing ropes. For the hitch cord, the durable 8mm Ocean Polyester is combined with the new oval karabiner and Hitch Climber pulley from DMM into the proven Hitch Climber System.
The individual components for the CEclimb System carry their own certification and are available as spare parts. In this way, climbers will always be able to replace individual components of CEclimb.

Certified to the PPE Directive 89/686/EWG

Minimum configured static breaking strength = 23kN

Comes complete with:

11mm Teufelberger Tachyon Rope
8mm Ocean Polyester hitch - cord eye to eye.
Hitch Climber Pulley
2 x Ultra O Locksafe Karabiners
Teufelberger rucksack

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