Buckingham’s 100 years of experience in the climbing industry has seen them go from strength to strength to supply one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of gear for height work and recreation.

Buckingham’s industry pedigree places them in the world’s top climbing manufacturers and their products feature world-class strength, durability, flexibility, effectiveness and above all, safety. By catering for the modern line and height work industry, Buckingham has revolutionised safety for workers in the last 100 years. Thanks to companies like Buckingham, we’re finally in an era where work at height is relatively safe compared to other similar industries.

Buckingham’s range is large and their product testing facility is world-renowned for its rigorous and realistic procedures. With an exciting breadth of products and constantly evolving functionality, Buckingham is quick to respond to all manner of industry demands as they develop.

Buckingham’s focus on substation and linework has broadened to encompass the entire line and height work market. Their gear features both tried and tested and newly innovated specs and feature sets allowing for greater efficiency when working at heights.

With products ranging from harnesses to clips, straps, multi tools and pulleys, Buckingham’s product range serves the modern height work marketplace.

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