Bracing ring - Steel - 62mm

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  • Bracing ring - Steel - 62mm

Offering reliability in your bracing kit, this Bracing Ring is a tool you can trust. It sits in to form part of your professional kit. To be used as a central point of connection when securing multiple limbs. Here at Sorbus International, we understand that the demands faced by professional arborists can be extreme. Working at height presents a unique array of challenges and ones you need to be prepared for. Items such as this ring may be small but help to create connections and secure fixings as you require.

This particular Bracing Ring has been manufactured by Cresto, using years of expertise. It is made from strong steel, a material that offers durability and rust-resistance over the years. This ring has an internal diameter of 62mm and can be used to enable a triple or more brace to come to a central point. The small design can be transported and stored without causing excessive bulk.

Here at Sorbus International, we bring together a large and extensive range of high-quality tools. Each one supports your safety needs and works to ensure you can achieve the best result every single time. We also have a highly experienced team on hand to provide advice and recommendations. If you have any questions about this Bracing Ring - Steel - 62mm, get in touch today. Building a reliable bracing kit is achievable no matter the budget.

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