Husqvarna Braces -Button on

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  • Husqvarna Braces -Button on

For use with chainsaw trousers or chaps, the Husqvarna Braces - Button On form an essential part of your PPE kit. They have been designed by a well respected and renowned name in arboriculture. This provides peace of mind to every professional arborist or those working within the forestry industry. It is vital that, when working at height, you trust in the tools and clothing you have on your person. In many instances, they are a barrier between you and injury. Therefore, it is important that you choose the quality that fits within your budget.

These Husqvarna Braces have been specifically designed for this demanding industry. They have extra-wide straps to support the increased weight of standard chainsaw-protected bottoms. Doing away with a tight belt, they allow you to move freely around a tree while offering the necessary support. The bright orange colour has been chosen for heightened visibility and pairs well with the black Husqvarna name printed on them. The straps are fully elasticated and can be adjusted for comfort. They are provided with leather eye straps, allowing them to be attached to fixing buttons. Designed to withstand the rigours of these heavy-duty working environments, they promise to become essential to your work needs.

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