Bow Saw 76cm

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  • Bow Saw 76cm

Allowing you to pass through wood easily, the Bow Saw 76cm is a vital tool for any professional arborist. It has been designed for comfort, as well as offering the high-quality results you expect. We recognise and understand the needs of hardworking arborists and strive to bring the tools you need at a cost-effective price. This saw is no exception and works in line with the rest of our equipment to help build a working kit you can be proud of.

Manufactured by Metallo, this saw has a tailored design. The non-slip handle minimises the risk of cuts during work and pairs with an additional knuckle protector. It comes accompanied with a 762mm/30" high carbon steel blade, designed to offer exceptional precision. The teeth cut in have been hardened using an impulse hardening process which promises to provide long-lasting sharpness. Measuring in at 85cm, this saw allows you to cut backwards and forwards with ease. It can be used to pass through hard and softwood alike with a balanced design that reduces fatigue. Additionally, it will not bind in green wood and has a lightweight body, weighing in at just 820g.

Here at Sorbus International, we work with arborists of all different levels to bring you tools that work. If you have any questions about the Bow Saw 76cm or any of the other items in our online range, get in contact today. We'll help you make the right choice to suit your needs and your budget.

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