Bow Saw 53cm

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  • Bow Saw 53cm

The ideal tool for cutting through fallen or intact tree branches, our Bow Saw 53cm will find its place within your kit. It has been manufactured by Metallo to meet the needs of professional arborists and those in the forestry trade. No matter whether you've achieved years within the trade or are just starting out, this practical tool helps you to move through a job swiftly and with ease.

The bow saw has a traditional and easy-to-use design. The non-slip handle grip minimised the risk of injury and combines with a knuckle protector for additional support. It features a precision ground steel blade, constructed from high carbon steel. This provides the strength needed to pass through harder woods while minimising the risk of rust or snapping over time. All of the teeth have been hardened through an impulse hardening process. This helps to maintain their sharpness and the tool's overall effectiveness. Use this bow saw to cut backwards and forwards to suit your needs. The extended design has been shown to reduce fatigue during intense work while also ensuring the teeth won't bind in green wood. It has a lightweight body of just 640g and an overall length of just 62cm.

Sorbus International has an experienced team here who are always on hand to offer advice and recommendations. If you have any questions about the Bow Saw 53cm, get in contact today and we'll ensure you get the information you need.

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