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ZigZags and a whole lot more

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New Petzl Zigzags, Knee Ascent system & Chicane now available!

The brand-new knee ascent systems & brake system from Petzl have been launched!ZigZag Polaroid

With the combination of the New Zigzag & Zigzag + these are bound to be a hit with all SRT users being suitable for both double rope and SRT! 

Comprising the Croll L rope clamp, adjustable Dyneema foot loop strap or clip options and rear of harness attachment the system is easy to install and adjust to suit the user. When not in use the system can be stored in the supplied TOOLBAG pouch which clips to the climber’s harness.

With the Croll’s easy operating system and both the lower and upper straps being adjustable to suit the individual users’ requirements the KNEE ASCENT system is quick & easy to install and adjust, the Croll has an unlimited life span subject to correct storage & use, while the material elements of the Knee ascent are replaceable and is available as a clip or loop option.

The CHICANE is  the new auxiliary brake from Petzl and facilitates the use of a Zigzag or Zigzag + in SRT climbing. When combined with the Zigzag the two friction pins provide smooth rope glide during ascent along with continuous braking action during descent – what more could you ask for!ZigZag Polaroid

For details on all the Petzl products along with all our other goodies go to www.sorbus-intl.co.uk and keep an eye out for future SRT course dates! Happy climbing!

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