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Petzl Sequoia - Nouveaux Produits

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Improvements & new additions have been added to the Petzl professional range of products and you now have the choice of 2 of the popular Sequoia harnesses.

The improved Sequoia & the new SRT Sequoia harnesses are que le feu frappe or as we would say sure fire hits!Petzl Thumb

The improved & updated Sequoia harness still benefits from the extra wide & semi rigid waist belt but now has the option for adding additional bridges to be fitted and from a range of lengths 40, 45 & 50cm. The gated attachment points facilitate the easy attachment for the Zillon or Microflip lanyard. 

With nine pre-shaped equipment loops & five slots that will accommodate the Improved & updated Caritool
tool holder with the stabilizing clip and a protective plastic cover on the gate to reduce the risk of snagging, making one handed tool selection simple. A designated FIRST AID pouch attachment along with two retainers for a Karabiner for attaching a chainsaw or handsaw there is more than enough for all the equipment & accessories that any discerning climber needs!

For added comfort there is also the added option to fit the NEW SEAT attachment that can be utilised on either of the harnesses both of which are available in 3 different sizes.

For the Sequoia SRT there is also the option to add SHOULDER STRAPS for improved wearer comfort with the load being re-distributed from the waistband. The VENTRAL front attachment facilitates the connection of a ZIGZAG or ZIGZAG PLUS with CHICANE & KNEE ASCENT accessories.Petzl Thumb

Both the harnesses, seat and the shoulder straps as with the majority of Petzl products come with a three-year guarantee.

Click here to check out the Petzl Sequoia range.

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