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LogOx - New to the UK back saving multi-tool!


Is there anybody in the industry that hasn’t at some time suffered with back issues?

The LogOX multi tool could be the answer and save you a fortune in chiropractor fees!

Having a tool that will take the strain out of moving & lifting lengths of timber is a god send. The LogOX falls into this category!logox hauler

Designed to move and assist in lifting logs between 7”- 32” (17cm – 81cm) diameter timber the LogOX is strong but lightweight due to its hollow steel construction and weighs in at under 5.5kgs. 

Disassembled the LogOX measures less than 28” (72cm) and is quick and simple to assemble and switch between being used as the Hauler, timber jack or the cant hook.

Compared to the cost of 3 separate tools to do the same job the LogOX comes up trumps!

As a cant lever the LogOX can be used to roll and move felled timber whilst taking the strain from your back. The lever length can be extended from the standard 21” up to 38” (53cm - 96cm) to manoeuvre timber up to 32” – 81cm. 

With the addition of the T-bar attachment the cant lever converts easily into the sturdy Timberjack. The Timberjack will lift the timber to a more ergonomic back saving position for cross cutting with the added advantage of reducing the likelihood of grounding your chain!

The hauler takes the strain from your back when manoeuvring rounds and length of timber around for splitting etc. multi functioning tool

The perfect companion for the Multitool is the LogOX Hauler Holster to keep your multitool by your side at all times. 

The LogOX Forester Package contains the Hauler, Cant lever, T-Bar along with the Hauler Holster as well as the PickOX PIckeroon attachment and is all neatly stowed away in the robust CarryOX carry bag. 

In the 2019 ergonomic impact study carried out by the Fairfield University the use of the LogOX HAULER showed a 93% reduction in back strain while lifting a log round, 89% reduction in quadricep strain & a 76% reduction in bicep strain.

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