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Helmets - One size does not need to fit all


Let’s face it generally PPE for our industry is not cheap! With trousers, boots & helmets you are lucky to get any change out £500 these days!

It is also quite noticeable the reluctancy to spend big money on helmets by the majority after splashing out on trousers & boots. Considering if you were to injure your foot or leg you will probably still be capable of carrying out some sort of work - can the same be applied to head injuries?

Buying a helmet that is going to provide the most protection should be a no brainer.Helmet

The range of helmets is quite vast and ranging in price from £10 and under at the lower end of the market to the higher end coming in close to £200!

When buying a helmet, you should be considering the protection offered along with the comfort and fit – not all heads are that round!

Two of the most popular and comfortable helmets currently on the market are produced by Petzl & Pfanner.

Petzl have updated and improved their popular
Vertex Vent helmet whilst retaining the features and comfort associated with the previous version.

The very comfortable helmet is available in 9 colours - white, yellow, red, black, orange, blue and green, hi-viz yellow & hi-viz orange.

The new & improved Vertex Vent offers six-point textile suspension which conforms perfectly to the shape of the head.helmet

The two side wheel adjusters, CENTERFIT, allows perfect centring of the helmet on the head.

The FLIP&FIT system allows the headband to be positioned in a low position, guaranteeing that the helmet fits securely on the head. 

Designed for work at height and on the ground the DUAL chinstrap allows the worker to adjust chinstrap strength in order to adapt the helmet to different environments: work at height (EN 12492) or on the ground (EN 397).

The clip has two positions, corresponding to these two uses: high strength, limiting the risk of losing the helmet during a fall, and low strength, limiting the risk of strangulation if the helmet is snagged while the user is on the ground.

Vent holes with sliding shutters allow the ventilation to be adjusted as needed, while wearing the helmet.

Additional accessories include the - eye shield with EASYCLIP side attachment system for easy installation, Petzl headlamp with mounts, or headlamp with elastic headband, hearing protection & nape protector.

Protos helmets have also been updated recently with improved chin strap and a raft of features. With 20 different size adjustment options the Protos integral Arborist helmet is arguably the most adjustable helmet on the market!

Reduced skull-based fracture is achieved through the neck cradle which also acts, when engaged as a clamp for securing the helmet to your head comfortably. Incorporated within Protos Arborist is the innovative ‘Koroyd’ crash absorber a honeycomb structure which provides increased protection to the top of the head from falling objects.

The F39 visor provides eye & face protection along with one the largest fields of vision currently available on the market. Ventilation and additional safety are provided by the Safety Ventilation Slide on the top of the helmet. 

Optional extras include Integral Safety glasses, Neck protection, Maclip light & the BT-Com communication system.

With 24 different colour options available you are guaranteed to be seen! 

Both helmets are available at www.sorbus-intl.co.uk or call in to our Frome showroom and we are more than happy to go through the choice of helmets available.

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