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Avengelus Assemble!

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Sorbus are proud to announce we are the UK/Ireland Distributor of the Avengelus, Trichoderma based, range of products produced by MycoSolutions from Switzerland.

These products are based on the biological action of Trichoderma harzianum; a genus of a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly species of fungus frequently found in forests Avengelus Poletc, that has served for many years as an antagonist (natural adversary) to many wood decay fungi. In addition – for trees & plants - nutrient uptake and root growth is promoted which increases stress tolerance. Avengelus is applied as a soil additive in either granule or gel form – and the gel can also be used on wounds to help prevent fungal infection.

The knowledge, creativity and scientific know-how of the company’s founders (Prof. Dr. Francis Schwarze / Reto Vincenz) and team is the foundation of its success and make MycoSolutions the unique European technology leader in the efficient application of fungi for the benefit of trees, plants and wooden structures.Avengelus Pol 2

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