Mattson Bit for 5.15mm Borer

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  • Mattson Bit for 5.15mm Borer

Manufactured by Mattson, this replacement Bit for 5.15mm Borer is a tool all those working in the wood assessment field can appreciate. It offers strength and durability, the Mattson borers suit the needs of professional surveyors. Combining a hardwearing and durable design with compact size, this borer is an item that fits well into your kit and can accompany you on any tree examination project. Here at Sorbus International, we recognise the needs of those dealing with trees. That is why you'll always find the most cost-effective and reliable tools right here, designed to help improve and grow your kit effectively.

This Mattson bit has been manufactured from high-quality steel and brass. This minimises the risk of rust over time while offering the strength needed to bore through different types of wood. It is one of the most high-quality products on the market and is regularly recognised for its impressive precision. The bit has been shaped to offer the best performance with a triple thread allowing it to start easier and move faster through the wood. These tools are tailored for use on softwoods with a 5.15mm diameter. They can be used to take a core sample of wood from a tree trunk which can then be used to evaluate the health and age of a particular tree.

Sorbus International strives to support the needs of professional arborists and forestry individuals alike. If you have any questions about the Mattson Bit for 5.15 borer, get in contact with the team here today who will be happy to help.

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