Big Shot Sling/Pouch only

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  • Big Shot Sling/Pouch only

Fitting within your budget, the Big Shot Sling/Pouch only is a cost-effective replacement item. It pairs with the CL0040 Notch Big Shot Catapult, supporting your arborist needs effectively. Here at Sorbus International, we bring the best and most cost-effective products to each and every one of our customers. Our understanding of the arborist trade ensures you can find tools that are hard wearing, durable and suited to any sized job. We also recognised the need for exceptional maintenance and repair work. All of your tools should last for many years, allowing you to focus on the job at hand rather than expensive repair bills.

This replacement sling/pouch can be used in collaboration with the main big shot catapult. It has been designed to accommodate the weight of your choice to sit within the pouch. With minimal training, you'll be able to throw a weight and tow lines over a tree's branch with impressive accuracy. This launch pouch reduces the possibility of in-air rotation, improving precision and lost labour time. The elasticated side cords allow you to control projection - when aiming for a point further away, you simply pull harder back to propel. This pouch is easy to store in compact environments and minimises excessive bulk at every opportunity.

Sorbus International are experts in the supply of quality arborist and forestry-related tools. If you have any questions about the Big Shot/Sling Pouch only, get in contact with our team today. We also stock this as a full set, in the Notch Big Shot Catapult - Complete.

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