Notch Big Shot Catapult - Complete

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  • Notch Big Shot Catapult - Complete

Forming an essential part of your arborist kit, the Notch Big Shot Catapult is remarkably easy to use. When climbing at height, safety is the most important consideration. And, in order to ensure safety, it is vital the initial riggings are fitted with the utmost care. This tool allows you to attach your lines in place, allowing you to scale the tallest trees. It forms part of our comprehensive range here at Sorbus International, ensuring you have everything needed to perform your job professionally.

The Notch Big Shot Catapult allows you to throw a weight over the tree's branch. This can then be used to tow working lines into the correct position, without the need for additional ladders or tools. It has a very simple design, allowing you to launch a straight-up throw aiding you to avoid branches, limbs and adjacent brushes. The commercial-grade fibreglass extension poles are lightweight but impressively durable. They can be stored alongside your existing kit and fold up small to minimise bulk. Unlike other mechanical launchers, this catapult uses no pressurized gas or gunpowder. With very limited practice, you'll be able to throw a weight at the exact height and length required, with exceptional accuracy.

The BIG SHOT will accommodate a huge range of throw weights, whether it is combined with a notch throw bag, or a throw pod! This helpful aid is sure to give a variable force, which means you can adapt it and ensure you don’t overshoot those lower range targets too! It is as simple as just not pulling back quite as hard!

After minimal practise you will have those tight range vertical targets on lock, something you just cannot manage by throwing by hand alone.

High accuracy and very lightweight, the launch pouch reduces mid-air rotation by around half compared with the original BIG SHOT pouch! If you’re looking to shoot your shot through the heaviest of canopies or get that extra height to some 45 metres vertically, grab the tool arborists around the world know by name.

This particular kit contains 1 big shot head and 2 notch 120cm poles.

Sorbus International strives to bring you the best and most reliable products available on the market today. If you have any questions about the Big Shot Catapult, get in contact with our team. We'll ensure you find the right tool at the best price to suit your needs.

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