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"Standard" plant growth promoter to strengthen the vitality and the resistance of trees, shrubs, agricultural crops and ornamental plants as well as the soil quality

Sorbus are the UK/Ireland Distributor of the Avengelus, Trichoderma based, range of products produced by MycoSolutions based in Switzerland. MycoSolutions is a spin off of EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology). The knowledge, creativity and scientific know-how of the company’s founders (Prof. Dr. Francis Schwarze / Reto Vincenz) and team is the foundation of its success and make MycoSolutions the unique European technology leader in the efficient application of fungi for the benefit of trees, plants and wooden structures.

The Avengelus range of products are based on the biological action of Trichoderma harzianum; a genus of a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly species of fungus frequently found in forests etc, that has served for many years as an antagonist (natural adversary) to many wood decay fungi. In addition – for trees & plants - nutrient uptake and root growth is promoted which increases stress tolerance. Avengelus is applied as a soil additive in either granule or gel form – and the gel can also be used on wounds to help prevent fungal infection.

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AVENGELUS PRO for the treatment of common pathogenic wood decay fungi

AVENGELUS LAB for the treatment of rare or unidentified wood decay fungi

AVENGELUS G for wood utility poles and other wooden structures

AVENGELUS Use and Storage

AVENGELUS Application

  • Avengelus – Trichoderma - Basic Granules


How does Trichoderma harzianum work?

Mycoparasitism: Trichoderma spp. grows towards the hyphae of fungal pathogens, coils around them and penetrates their cell wall. By the secretion of certain substances (lytic enzymes) Trichoderma is able to break down the cell walls of the fungal pathogen and to feed on the cell contents. This increases the growth of Trichoderma and destroys the fungal pathogen.

High competitiveness: Trichoderma is highly competitive for food and space a sit grows quickly and uses nutrient sources efficiently. The pathogens are thus deprived of the space and growth factors they need for their development. Additionally, the high competitiveness is reflected in the high production of conidia and chlamydospores (survival stage of the fungus).

Pre-immunisation: Pre-immunisation by Trichoderma leads to induced systemic resistance. This means that Trichoderma produces various substances in the root area of the host plant. These cause a production of defence substances in the host plant as soon as they are needed e.g. as a direct reaction to contact with another harmful organism. The defence substances are produced in the entire plant body (systemic resistance).

Increasing the availability of nutrients: e.g. iron and phosphate, at soil pH-values at which such nutrients are normally not available to plants.

Stimulation of root growth: In a study in Brisbane,carried out by Prof. Dr. Schwarze (MycoSolutions Co-Founder) and colleagues, a treatment of a brown root rot (Phellinus noxius) with Trichoderma resulted in a stimulation and development of new roots (adventive roots) after 12 weeks.This result was found on different tree individuals.

More information about Trichoderma:

- No production of antibiotics: Therefore, our Trichoderma strain cannot cause any resistance reactions in other organisms (i.e. bacteria, fungi)

- No production of volatile organic compounds

- Native Trichoderma strain, that is adapted to local environmental conditions

- Nutrition: dead organic material, parasitism of other fungi

- High germination rate, optimal at 20-25 °C


The range includes products for the following applications:

      AVENGELUSBASIC, PRO & LAB for Tree Care (Nurseries, new plantings, re-plantings,fungal attack, pruning & other wounds)

AVENGELUSG for wood utility poles and other wooden structures

The following products will also be available soon:

AVENGELUS BASIC for Plant Boosting in gardening & Landscape

AVENGELUS LAWN providing beneficial lawn treatments


TREES KNOWN TO BE INFECTED WITH A PATHOGEN (IE DECAY ORGANISM) – The recommended application is 4 times a year (minimum) at regular 4 week intervals during the growing season. Repeated treatment over 4 years is also recommended to build up a good population of spores in the soil.

TREES REQUIRING BENEFICIAL TRICHODERMA TREATMENT – These are trees that are not infected with a pathogen that will benefit from Trichoderma treatment. In these cases just one application per year is recommended during the growing season.


GRANULE POUCHES – These should be stored in a cool, dry place protected from direct sunlight so germination does not take place. The temperature ideally should be between 10-15 degC but a refrigerator at ~5degC is also suitable. At sub-zero temperatures the Trichoderma will go into hibernation but this is not a problem during storage. The minimum shelf life is 6 months but if stored correctly this will be extended. The granules will be green in colour if still suitable for use. The ideal temperature for germination is 20-30 degC. At temperatures in excess of 35 degC, the Trichoderma will die.

GEL BOTTLES – These should be stored under similar conditions as above but the minimum shelf life is 12 months which is extended if stored correctly.

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