ART RopeGuide 2010 Cocoon

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  • ART RopeGuide 2010 Cocoon

The retrieveable cambium saver with deflection pulley. Proven technology that evokes enthusiasm and noticeably facilitates climbing and working on the rope.
A Rope Guide grants a safe, variable and efficient deflection of the climbing rope at the anchor point. Actually, only the patented rope guide technology makes possible a successful combination of the following features:

- fall arrest energy absorption down to 6 kN and retrieveability from ground via multifunctional dyneema sling and ART retrieval shackle;
- continuously adjustable length;
- easily sliding adjuster movement even after heavy loads;
- secure self-jamming of the adjuster without increase of the fall arrest distance;
- sturdy deflection pulley with two encased ball bearings and optimized pulley profile;
- optimum run of the climbing rope through the free-hanging deflection pulley;
- great saving of effort when installing the rope compared with common cambium savers;
- smooth and effortless sending the pulley uprope after positioning the ring in the tree;
- secure choking function;
- combination with the Doublesnapper making possible a controlled unit-by-unit expansion via throwline and climbing rope;
- lightweight and compact design.

Available with either 1.5m or 3m webbing 

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