ART Positioner Basic

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  • ART Positioner Basic

The ART Positioner Basic has an ergonomic design which allows extended & professional use in a range of different environments. This state-of-the-art tool is able to grab the rope securely as soon as it is put under load. In comparison with traditional rope clamps, it provides a reliable one-handed adjustment process - even once the load has been firmly established.

The Positioner Basic is suitable for use with 11mm - 13mm diameter ropes alongside steel core flip lines with climbing rope sheath. Climbers and professional arborists alike are able to choose between a fixed karabiner eye or a swivel - preventing the device from twisting while on the rope and keeping it in the optimal position.

At Sorbus International, we bring you industry-leading tools at budget-friendly prices. Our goal is to support the growth of professional arborists throughout their career, allowing them to better and perfect their art over a shorter period of time. If you have any questions about these tools or any of the others in our online range, get in touch today. The helpful and professional team here will guide you towards the right solution.

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