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ART (Advanced Rope climbing Technology) is a German manufacturer which focuses on innovative climbing components. ART continue to increase safety when tree climbing. Their kit is designed to reduce strain and fatigue, ART has succeeded in creating world-class quality climbing components that are fit for a range of professional uses. 

ART devices are generally most widely used by experienced arborists wanting to modernise their climbing along with helping improve efficiency. At Sorbus we encourage you to chat with our team about which product may suit you best before you buy.  We also regularly run Modern Rope Climbing courses with a “try before you buy approach” if you are unsure which device is for you.

ART is an award-winning company that has thrived in an industry that is scrutinized by increasingly hard safety checks, and with good reason, the height work market is now full of the safest components that it has ever seen. 

With a range including spider jacks, lock jacks, rope guides, cocoon pulleys and positioners, ART’s gear enables efficient and effective traversing of heights. We also keep a stock of the spares enabling you to exchange parts or modernise an older model.

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