ART Cocoon Rope Sling

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  • ART Cocoon Rope Sling

The ART Cocoon Rope Sling has been manufactured to a high-quality with a 50% polyester and 50% Technora core combined with a durable cover offering ample protection throughout every use. This rope sling is extremely heat-resistant with suitable flexibility for any job. It has a diameter of 8mm & has good handling with all kinds of friction hitches. This round sling has a 50cm length & is ideal for climbing and descending from height at speed.

Here at Sorbus International, we strive to bring together some of the most reliable products in the arborist industry. This combines with our focus on budget-friendly solutions and durability to ensure peace of mind. We have years of experience in our trade and use this to offer a comprehensive online collection. If you have any questions about the ART Cocoon Rope Sling, contact us today. We'll help guide you towards the right solution with information, tips and valuable solutions to your issues.

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