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  • ART Cocoon Pulley

The Cocoon is an innovative redirection pulley designed for the special requirements of rope climbing techniques in tree care. Owing to its versatility, however, it can also be used in a number of other applications.
The Cocoon is tested and certified for personal protection equipment (PPE) in accordance with the European standard EN 12278.
For taking up load it can either be equipped with a certified loop runner or a certified rope sling. As to which types have been approved by the manufacturer, please see the operating manual.
Owing to the completely new design of the locking mechanism, no carabiners are needed. Loop runner or rope sling are clamped directly into the Cocoon body, and protected and secured by a round nut which may simply be tightened by hand (no tools needed!). Because the smooth surface of the sphere-like screw does not offer any contact surface, the Cocoon stays safely locked. The principle underpinning this locking mechanism has been acknowledged and protected by means of an independent patent, including additional priority claims.
The Cocoon is equipped with a friction ring and a safety ring. The former increases friction on the last turns of the thread to ensure that the nut sits absolutely tight. It also keeps dirt out. The latter stays visible as long as the nut is not screwed on tightly and acts as a warning to the user.
The Cocoon not only ‘cocoons’ the loop runner or rope sling but it also protects the double ball bearing of the pulley.



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