ARS-UV-42PRO Professional Curved Pruning Saw

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  • ARS-UV-42PRO Professional Curved Pruning Saw

Manufactured by a leading brand, choose the ARS-UV-42PRO for all your professional needs. It has been manufactured with a range of benefits that allows it to integrate its way into your tool kit and budget alike. In addition, these blades are highly versatile and can be used in a range of industries including forestry and landscaping alongside arborist trades.

The entire blade has been made from a high-carbon steel for additional strength and durability. This is further heightened through hard-chrome plating which minimizes the risk of bends and snaps during use. Measuring in at 420mm, the blade also features Super TURBOCUT® teeth which ensure it can glide through different materials easily & helps with sawdust removal whilst in use. In addition, the 42PRO features a new stopped system which holds the saw securely in place within the sheath. This prevents it from falling out and offers reliability as you go about complex or challenging jobs.

The belt clip features adjustments integrated into the design which allows it to be adjusted for both right and left-handed users. In addition, a roller has been fitted within the plastic sheath to enable smooth insertion/removal of the saw without damage. When working at height, the supplied leg loops allow it to be safely secured to the leg during pruning work. The 42PRO is a hardworking Forest-Technological Approved tool. If you have any additional questions about these tools or wish to inquire about any of the items in our online range, get in touch with the professional team here today.

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