ARS-UV-32E Curved Blade Pruning Saw

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The ARS-UV-32E is a professional grade pruning saw manufactured by a respected and renowned brand. Designed for use in all manner of situations, it offers the strength and durability required to tackle complex jobs. Every aspect of it's simplistic design has been included to ensure the smoothest cut and reliability as you focus on the job at hand.

This saw features an impulse hardened blade which has heightened durability in addition to an already high-standard construction. It has been entirely finished in hard-chrome plating and manufactured from high-carbon steel to elongate the lifespan. Along the curved blade, Super TURBOCUT® teeth are included, making it suitable for forestry, arborists and landscaping professionals alike. Moving up to the grip, this has been ergonomically designed for greater ease during handling with a rubber coating. At height, this minimizes the risk of the tool slipping or dropping from your hand - a potential hurdle and one that can delay jobs significantly.

A simple belt clip has been included in the design and can be adjusted to make it suitable for use with both right and left-handed professionals. And, a roller in the plastic sheath opening enables the blade to be removed swiftly and without damage. This pruning saw has an overall length of 500mm and weighs in at just 430g. It has been approved for use by professionals. If you have any further questions or enquiries, contact the team here today who will be happy to provide the answers you need.

  • ARS-UV-32E Curved Blade Pruning Saw
  • Surface Finishing: Hard-Chrome Plating
  • Material: High-Carbon Steel
  • Tooth Type: Super TURBOCUT
  • Impulse Hardened: Yes
  • Tooth Pitch (mm): 4
  • Tooth Thickness (mm): 1.2
  • Blade Length (mm): 320
  • Overall Length (mm): 500
  • Weight (g): 420
  • Spare Blade: UV-32E-1

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