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ARS-SH-VSZ Leather Holster

  • £17.51

  • Brand: ARS
  • Product Code: ARS-SH-VSZ
  • Inc. Tax:

  • ARS-SH-VSZ  Leather Holster

Manufactured in Japan, the ARS-SH-VSZ Leather Holster is the ideal transportation solution for professionals. Specifically designed for use with the VS-8Z secateurs, it is compact and durable. When it comes to the tools you choose for each job, having reliable storage is perhaps one of the most vital requirements. This is where the right holder comes into play and gives you the freedom to focus on the job at hand for a truly professional finish.

This holster has been manufactured from high-quality leather. This flexes overtime without cracking and is easily maintained to extend the lifespan. A metal clip on the back comes integrated into the design and allows it to be easily fitted to either a belt or clothing. In addition, it also comes with 2 belt slots, if this is your preferred method of attachments. 5 rivets run around the body of the holster, offering additional strength in hand with industrial stitching throughout. Use when climbing up or down at heights and when the job at hand requires you have specific secateurs to hand.

Here at Sorbus International, we work with professionals to provide the right tools for every job. The ARS-SH-VSZ Leather Holster is an ideal example of this. If you have any questions, contact our friendly and helpful team here today. We'll be happy to guide you towards the right solution for you.

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