The research and analytics of trees has become increasingly important in our era of rapid environmental change and Argus have innovated tree monitoring systems to meet the rising demands of research and data collection. 

These devices are being used increasingly in the complex tree surgery and arborist industries and are being employed to inform important technical decisions.

Argus provides PICUS tree monitoring devices and systems that are specifically designed to provide comprehensive and accurate sets of data on tree status. Their PICUS system is an innovative system to assist with assessment of internal damage and decay in trees. Their devices can create an accurate data-based picture of tree health to help make informed decisions on the future of the tree. Sorbus International are the UK sole distributor for PiCUS technology. 

Argus’ state-of-the-art devices are already used in research but are used increasingly for commercial applications. With laser-based scanning, these devices allow for non-invasive tree assessment. All PICUS systems sold by Sorbus come with full training throughout the UK. This covers device operation, recording and analysis. We also offer lifetime support by telephone, email or skype on all PiCUS equipment when purchased from Sorbus.

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