Arbor Elite Per Metre 12.7mm

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  • Arbor Elite Per Metre 12.7mm

Offering the same reliability as our full offerings, the Arbor Elite can now be ordered by the meter here at Sorbus International. Designed to fit within your budget while still offering the strength you require, this offer is one for those looking to add to their kit for specific jobs. All of our climbing ropes, regardless of length, are suitable for professional use and make a suitable choice for amateur arborists.

Manufactured as part of Teufelberger economy range, it has been manufactured with a 16-strand polyamide cover and parallel nylon cores. No matter the length you choose, it offers excellent know holding capabilities and feels comfortable to use throughout any length climb. The cover material has been twisted while the inner core compacted, to further enhance stability and improve longevity - a vital requirement when purchasing tools for your professional kit. This improves flexibility while also making the rope compact, slim and lightweight.

At Sorbus International, we work hard to bring you the right products for all professional needs. In many cases, that includes allowing you to personalize your order to fit your requirements and offering a budget that also accommodates this. The Arbor Elite - Per Meter offers just that. If you have any questions about the climbing rope or how to place the right order, contact our friendly team online today who will be happy to guide you.

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