Arbor Elite 1 Eye 12.7mm

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  • Arbor Elite 1 Eye 12.7mm

The Arbor Elite rope has been designed to fit the needs of entry-level arborists. Giving you flexibility as you begin to master your trade, it offers the security and stability needed to prepare you for this exciting career. Here at Sorbus International, we understand the need for reliable tools when it comes to building your professional tool kit. This is why we strive to bring you a comprehensive collection of tools that fit within your budget while offering the performance you need.

This climbing rope has been manufactured from a 16-strand polyester cover with parallel nylon cores. This makes it comfortable for use climb, working its way easily through the hands as you make your way up or down. The rope's composition is also one of the reasons why it is able to hold knots to well - a vital requirement when first learning the essentials of this trade. Manufactured by TEUFELBERGER, it features their patented slaice® rope termination making it highly flexible, slim, compact and lightweight. This rope has a minimum breaking strength of 1500daN or 3370lbs. This, combined with a 12.7mm diameter and 112g per meter weight makes it perfect for use now and as your career continues to progress.

Certified to EN 1891A, the Arbor Elite is an exceptional choice, no matter your budget. It has the ability to enhance your skill set, support you throughout your learning and be with you every step of the way. If you have any questions about this tool, contact our friendly team here today.

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