Yale Imori 11.7mm Climbing Rope

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YALE Cordage - XTC IMORI - 35m Climbing Line with Spliced Eye Termination

XTC IMORI (eee-mor-lee), meaning “Good Forest” in Japanese. This rope gives climbers all the advantages and characteristics of a lightweight 11.7mm rope but gives the feel of a 12.6mm rope in the hand.

Yale Cordage has developed and incorporated a new type of taslanized (textured) fibre into the rope structure which provides bulk, and therefore an enhanced grip for better ergonomics. This fibre is blended with a 100% solution dyed filament polyester into the construction. This unique blend allows the fibres to be exposed on both the outer sheath and also on the inside of the sheath providing more friction to the inner core which helps to minimize excessive elongation while providing a superior unsurpassed grip for the climber.

YALE Cordage XTC IMORI is CE Certified to BS EN1891:1998 Standard Type A

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  • Yale Imori 11.7mm Climbing Rope

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More Information

  • Length (m) : 35
  • Spliced Eye : Yes
  • Standard : EN1891 (A)
  • Construction : Double Braid
  • Over Braid : 24-Strand
  • Material (outer) : Polyester
  • Material (inner) : Nylon
  • Spliceability  : Yes
  • Manufacturer : Yale Cordage
  • Line Diameter : 12.0mm
  • Application : DRT
  • GTIN / EAN13 : 5060483282213

Product Care:

Failure to follow the rope care guidelines issued with the rope outlining the correct use and care may give rise to a situation that could endanger the user’s life. The manufacturer cannot be liable for the abuse or misuse of safety equipment. All risk is the responsibility of the user. A copy of the rope care guidelines can be downloaded from our website (see download section)

Spliced Eye Termination:

The Spliced Eye termination has been specifically designed to replace the need for creating a knotted termination in Low Stretch rope to which a connector can be attached. Low stretch lines are designed for use as general-purpose positioning, restraint & rescue lines. They are not for use in a personal fall arrest system and should always be used in conjunction with ascending, descending and safety hardware and devices for positioning work meeting relevant CE Standards.

Before Use:

Before use, a detailed risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person to establish that this is the correct product suitable for the type of work being undertaken; your anchor point conforms to industry standards and meets the requirements of CE EN795 (B), potential fall distance, obstructions, and rescue systems have been addressed. Purchasers and users should seek professional training from a fully qualified and competent instructor prior to engaging in any activity using this equipment. If you are not able, or not in a position to assume this responsibility, do not use this product. The manufacturer its distributors and retailers do not accept any liability if users do not follow the instructions correctly. Prior to each use a complete risk assessment must be carried out to ascertain that this product configures with and is appropriate to the work being undertaken.

Product Standard:

This product has been independently tested and certified to the BS EN1891:1998 Standard in accordance with section 4.12.2 Static strength with terminations. Type A rope terminations are required to sustain a minimum force of 15kN for a minimum period of 3 minutes. (Tested in accordance with section 5.10 of the BS EN1891:1998 standard)


The products referred to in the User Manual are classed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the European PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and have been shown to comply with this Regulation through the Harmonised European Standard. The manufacturer herewith declares that this product is in conformity with the provisions of the following directives:

BS EN1891:1998 Standard in accordance with section - 4.12.2 Static strength with terminations.

SATRA Technology Centre, Clonee, D15 YN2P, Ireland (Notified Body 2777 & Module C2 Assessment)

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