The Good Rigging Control System

  • £2,395.00

The Good Rigging Control System, or GRCS, gives you the mechanical advantage you need to safely raise and lower anything from tree branches to transformers.

This is the first lowering device to combine ease of setup, lifting power and dependable, tangle-free operation in one package. This tree mounted work station utilizes both a Harken rope winch or an aluminum rope brake. The work station has hinged side plates and nine rubber feet which provide solid mounting on a wide range of stem and pole diameters. A patented fairlead system positions the rope on the drum to eliminate crossovers during raising, lowering and side pulling operations. The mount weighs approximately 40lbs.-beefy enough to withstand heavy use, but compact enough to be quickly installed at the jobsite. The Harken 44:1 winch features a 2 speed gearing system that's self tailing. The gearing puts enormous lifting and pulling power at your fingertips while the self tailer automatically holds the tension as a load is being raised. Lifting or pulling is accomplished by a single operator. The winch accepts 1/2" - 3/4" lowering lines. The aluminum rope brake features a 4" diameter tube welded to a base plate, with a cavity large enough for an ice pack to be placed inside, to prevent rope glazing during very extreme lowering situations.

  • The Good Rigging Control System

GRCS Good Rigging Control System

  • 4" diameter tube welded to a base plate
  • Providing a 44:1 and a 22:1 mechanical advantage
  • Two specialized spools: one for lowering and one for lifting
  • Dead lift rating of 3,000 lbs
  • You can take 5 full wraps with a 3/4" rope

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