Teufelberger shaoLINE

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  • Teufelberger shaoLINE

shaoLINE is Teufelberger’s NEW highly visible throwline which is able to support high loads while also helping to achieve more accurate and higher throws.

The PE monofilaments in the cover make this throwline more abrasion resistant and helps prevent the surface from becoming rough. Due to the polyethylene core, this line is also not susceptible to forming knots or kinks.

The core of this throwline can be removed thus making the line lighter making high and more accurate throws more achievable. Removing the core will save almost 20% in weight while only giving up 12% in breaking force.

All this makes the shaoLINE the perfect throwline for Arborists, offering high levels of efficiency and safety.


shaoLINE if ALL CORES are removed

DM (mm)

Diameter (mm)



Weight (g/m)



17% reduction in weight entails a reduction in breaking force of only 10-12%!

MBL in free length (daN)



MBL knotted – bowline knot (daN)



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