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Teufelberger miniME - Pack of 4 accessory karabiners

  • £14.04

  • Brand: Teufelberger
  • Product Code: TEU-7083043
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miniME delivery November 2021 - Pre order now

Despite its small size, miniME is a powerful and effective fighter, giving to some others accessory carabiners a considerable thrashing. Despite being a mini clone of bigger carabiners, Mini-Me is shown to be stronger and tougher than some of its larger counterpart.  Your miniMEs will be discreet and will carry out a multitude of missions without ever betraying you. The only challenge for you will be to choose the colour. 

  • Teufelberger miniME - Pack of 4 accessory karabiners

Teufelberger Logo

  • Pack of 4
  • Blue / Red / Purple / Black
  • 4kN accessory karabiner
  • Size 58 x 33mm
  • Weight 8.7gr

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