THLD1 Lower-Wrap Lowering Device

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The THLD1 Lowering device is a friction device that is lightweight, economical and easy to use. The device is used to introduce friction into a rope set up which aids in the controlled lowering of cut limbs.

Made from galvanised steel the device measures in at 265mm x 230mm x 75mm. The main plus points of the THLD1 are it's light weight construction and ease of use.

Normally attached to the base of the base of the tree with a loopie or round sling, the lower-wrap can be used in conjunction with a mechanical advantage pulley system for lifting and lowering.

The safe working load for this device is 6kN with a maximum breaking strain of 30kN. A handy zip-up bag is included to keep your device stored.

  • THLD1 Lower-Wrap Lowering Device

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·         Made from galvanised steel

·         For use with 10mm-14mm dia rope

·         MWL 6kN

·         MBS 30kN

·         Comes with a zip-up canvas bag 

·         Measures 265mm x 230mm x 75mm



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