Stein Acuda ACR-24 11.7mm Climbing Rope

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  • Stein Acuda ACR-24 11.7mm Climbing Rope

The Stein Acuda ACR-24 offers more freedom and movement compared to more traditional climbing lines & has exceptional performance characteristics when used with popular arborist climbing systems.

Manufactured from with a 24-strand polyester over-braid and a braided nylon core, this rope has been designed as a high performance, low weight rope. With a 11.7mm diameter this rope works exceptionally well with both modern mechanical friction devices and the more traditional friction hitches.  


24-Strand Kernmantle construction

11.7mm diameter

Light weight

High performance

Excellent knot holding capability


Excellent abrasion resistance

Protective coating

CE0321 | BS EN1891:1998

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