Silverbull Scabbard Bag

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Silver Bull

  • Silverbull Scabbard Bag

A versatile bag, designed to meet the variety of needs of a modern day Arborist. Saws and spikes should be kept away from ropes and the Scabbard Bag holds both. If preferred the bag can be used to hold a complete climbing system – up to 45m of 12mm climbing rope will fit inside. It has a mesh front pocket designed to stash most hand saws. The straps provide either convenient handles or clever closure system. Adding a chainsaw lanyard to the rear loops creates a handy shoulder strap! Modern climbing spikes are expensive and need protecting – the Scabbard bags dimensions perfectly suit the majority of climbing spikes on the market and it therefore lends itself perfectly as the ultimate place to store them!


| Tarpaulin | 16L | H 53 cm | Ø 20 cm

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