RCW-3001-KIT Single Bollard c/w RCWINCH Lowering Device 3000kg (WLL)

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  • RCW-3001-KIT Single Bollard c/w RCWINCH Lowering Device 3000kg (WLL)

RCW-3001-KIT Single Bollard c/w RCWINCH Lowering Device 3000kg (WLL)

The much awaited RCW-3001 is now available to pre-order. Due to worldwide demand there will only be a limited number of units arriving in the UK during March. 
These limited units will be allocated evenly amongst all customers who place pre-orders with us according to the order date.

Once this shipment has been released the next shipment will not arrive in the UK until mid to late May.
As this product will be in high demand and in short supply we advise you to get your order in as soon as possible.

Since its launch in 2009 the STEIN RC3001 has proven to be one of the most respected, sought after lowering bollards on the market, used and trusted the world over.

For 2015 it has been upgraded to allow a Winch System to be fitted and will now be known as the RCW-3001. Without compromising the integrity and features users have come to trust, the RCWINCH can be easily attached and detached during use without affecting the working line or the products performance.

Not all rigging jobs require the facility of lifting capability! This simple option now allows the operator to use the bollard independently of the winch and should a lifting process be required the winch can be attached within seconds with no tools required. The RCWINCH can also be integrated into the system during a lowering procedure should it be required.

Unlike other Winch Style Bollards the RCWINCH does not support the load during a lowering procedure; the load is supported on the bollard as the winch is attached to the lowering line independently through a friction hitch and winch line. This allows the load to be fully supported on the bollard and not the winch. Once the load has been winched to its desired position, the full weight is then easily transferred to the main rigging line, by reversing the winch and separating the two lines. At which point the suspended load can be safely lowered, independently and unimpeded by the winch.

Although weighing in excess of 13kg excluding the winch and mounting straps it can be easily mounted by one person by utilizing the top attachment point as a suspension point and simply attaching the winch in seconds once the device is mounted.

The large diameter drum easily accommodates working lines up to 19mm and has a working load limit of up to 3000kg (subject to mounting type). The drum has two sets of rope guides (fairleads) specially angled at 45-degrees which allows the operator to quickly add or subtract wraps.

A specially designed ratchet strap with waterproof webbing securely attaches the device to the tree and can be backed up by securing an Anchor-Sling to the base anchor point. Supplied as standard with two heavy duty rubber inserts for use when tree protection is required.

The RCW-3001 is probably the most user friendly and flexible Winching Bollard on the market to date.

Kit Contains the following items:
1 x RCW-3001 Lowering Device
1 x RCWINCH Winch Kit
1 x 10t Ratchet Handle (RC-P5000)
1 x 5.8m Webbing (RC-P5001)
1 x Pair of Protection Rubbers (RC-P5006)


Working Load Limit (WLL): 3000kg
Maximum Rope Size: 19mm
Style: Fixed
Weight 1: 13.3kg
Weight 2: 23.3kg
Weight 3: 29.0kg
Bollard Diameter: 115mm
Bollard Length: 235mm
Height: 480mm
Height with RCWINCH: 560mm
Width: 275mm
Width with RCWINCH: 330mm
Depth with Rubbers: 240mm
Depth with Rubbers  & RCWINCH: 390mm
Finish: Zinc Plated & Powder Coated
Serial Number: Individual Numbering
Country of Origin: USA


1. With Rubbers
2. With Rubbers & Mounting Straps
3. With Rubbers & Mounting Straps & Winch

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