Protos Integral Bluetooth Coms Device

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Protos® have set the next milestone in the sector of occupational safety with the launch of the Protos® wireless Bluetooth Coms device! The innovative head protection is now complimented with this ground-breaking feature which provides stable & interference-free communication; even under extreme use.

This advanced Bluetooth wireless technology allows the connection of 4 BT-Coms devices, providing uninterrupted intercom connection between up to 4 users.

The Protos® BT-Com capsule connect easily into the existing Protos® ear defender brackets meaning no wiring, drilling of clamps are necessary! All the technical components are incorporated into the ear defender capsule guaranteeing maximum comfort with no risk of snagging wires etc. The BT-Com is easy to use with only a single multi-functional button & two volume buttons.

They have a range of up to 600m (clear site) & a battery operating time of up to 12 hours, meaning you can go through the working day without any problems. When it comes to recharging the battery is simple & is carried out via the USB on the Protos® charging bracket. A full charge takes approx. 1.5hours & the unit can remain on standby for several days.

  • Protos Integral Bluetooth Coms Device

The Protos® BT-Com also has the ability to for each unit to be connected simultaneously with a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Accepting phone calls & can be done hands-free by pressing the multifunctional button with no need to remove the phone from a pocket.

The conference function also allows another participant to be added & the distance can be extended as long as a mobile network is available.

The microphone on the Protos® BT-Com diminished unnecessary background noise by up to 20dB whilst guaranteeing clear & understandable voices. Background noises do remain perceptible allowing the user to recognise and external danger situations.


One Protos® BT-COM unit (left side).

One Protos® BT-COM Charging Bracket c/w USB connector

One Protos® BT-COM Carry Case for storage

Technical Specification

Bluetooth Version 4.2

Noise attenuation of up to 26 dB

USB charging port 5V DC, 200 mA, reverse polarity protected

Lithium ion / polymer battery 3.75V 600mAh

Speaker output power 0.2 Watt

*Protos® not included*

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