PICUS TMS 3 – LITE system – NEW!

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The TMS 3 – LITE kit is for those who want to start using this innovative method of wind reaction measurement with a small investment but still using cutting-edge equipment. It offers the opportunity to test out possible applications and demonstrate the capabilities of using TreeMotion Sensors.

The LITE kit includes two PiCUS TMS 3 sensors for data recording, an induction charging bay, all accessories needed for mounting the sensors on the tree and software for the assessment of tree data. So, everything you need to conduct wind reaction measurements on one tree (using control and base sensor to monitor root plate & stem movement) or on two trees (using only one base sensor on each tree if only root plate movement needs to be monitored). 

  • PICUS TMS 3 – LITE system – NEW!

Naturally the TMS from the Mini-Kit are compatible with all other parts of the full TMS 310 sensor system so that you can extend your equipment at any time.

The TMS 3App for iOS or Android is available for free. Please scan the relevant QRcode below or search for “Tree Motion” or “TMS 3“in the respective store.

Apple         Android

Apple                                  Android

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