Pauli Explains the Form of Nature - Claus Mattheck

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This book from Claus Mattheck is based on research carried out at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) & is a condensed version of ‘The Body Language of Structures – Encyclopedia of Design after Nature’ (only available in German). Claus Mattheck comments ‘When you have read this book, probably nothing will be as it has been before. It will irreversibly change your perception, and this cannot be switched off’.

Enlightened view & a new understanding of design rules in nature is what the reader should benefit from this handy book! It will give you a descriptive mechanical understanding of free mathematics – no formula!

The universal forms in nature are shown in solids & fluids (in living & dead structures) in geomechanics & in broken structures.

  • Pauli Explains the Form of Nature - Claus Mattheck

Did you know that your eyes are a similar shape to a pebble in a creek, a May bug or to a hole in a pulled rubber band? Unity in diversity! You will read in cracks, in mountains & fluids. You will learn that structures improve their shape by deformation under load.

You will also learn to used 3 thinking tools which enable us to design components according to nature. You will go through a just opened door into the world of whirls whether in fluids or even solids.

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