Stein Explorer MK3 Chainsaw Boot

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  • Stein Explorer MK3 Chainsaw Boot

STEIN EXPLORER mk3 Chainsaw Boot - Class 2 Protection (24m/s)
The Explorer 3 is designed as a general purpose work chainsaw boot tested and approved to CE EN17249 class 2 (24m/s).

Retaining its overall appearance and looks it is now fitted with the latest sole technology from VIBRAM. The new VIBRAM Multi-Control System offering improved grip in slippery / icy conditions (see Vibram Tab & Video Tab).

Toughness is provided by using a high quality leather upper made from 1.8/2.00mm Perwanger which is Silicon impregnated during tanning to offer water-resistance and fitted with R.E.A.M Technology - RegulatingEnvironment Adaptive Material for increased user comfort.

VIBRAM® MultiControl Tech is the technology designed to increase grip on wet, icy and particularly slippery surfaces. This high-impact innovation for adventures in the great outdoors raises the bar in terms of protection and safety in critical conditions and increases the opportunity for outdoor activities.

VIBRAM® MultiControl Tech adds a layer of fabric, combined with the rubber, to the lugs that come into direct contact with the ground.
The lugs therefore have a three layer structure:
. Rubber outer
. Fabric mid-layer
. Rubber inner with the same or different compound as the outer lug, or in polyurethane.

The fabric used has been specifically designed for VIBRAM® MultiControl Tech technology. It stands out for its excellent grip on wet and icy surfaces and its excellent compatibility with rubber.
The perfect adherence of the fabric to the rubber counteracts the risk of delamination or irregular wear. Thanks to the special moulding technology the fabric surface in contact with the ground during the sole’s normal wear also remains constant, meaning performance stays the same over time.

While VIBRAM® MultiControl Tech technology works in perfect synergy with the Vibram® IceTrek compound, it can also be combined with excellent results with other Vibram® compounds too to enhance specific performance requirements for different purposes

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