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Notch Portawrap

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  • Brand: Notch
  • Product Code: LW-POW
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The Notch Portawrap is a lightweight and compact rope friction device designed for lowering heavy wood in a controlled manner. Designed by arborists Scott Prophett and Norm Hall in the early 90s and first introduced and manufactured exclusively by Notch, the Portawrap has been proven a highly dependable and effective tool in sparing properties the damage inflicted by free-falling tree parts.

In the past, a ground worker’s main option for rope-controlling heavy wood was to wrap the line’s running end around a nearby tree, often candy-striping the “wrap tree” from bark-scorching surface friction. But now, in the time it once took to coil up a lowering line and walk it around the next candy cane-to-be, the modern arborist can have a Portawrap locked and loaded for multiple lowering tasks. Quickly wrapped and unwrapped between loads, the Portawrap turns a once precarious tango among fallen brush and tree parts into a smooth-flowing waltz in a small, easily maintained space. And unlike the ever-changing tree trunk surface, the Portawrap presents predictable and unchanging friction to ropes, allowing the groundsman to concentrate strictly on the dynamics of the activity above.

The Notch Portawrap has significant corrosion resistance and tree protection. Our RUST-PROOF stainless-steel Portawrap will stand up to the worst heat, salt and humidity that a coastal company can throw at it. The main tube on the Notch Portawrap is seamless, maximizing its strength-to-weight ratio. Seamless tubing is ideal for more stressful applications requiring higher quality, increased mechanical properties, uniformity and strength. Notch has all edges on the main tube and solid posts chamfered to eliminate any sharp edges.

 - Medium Stainless Steel Notch Portawrap is for lines up to 9/16"or 14mm and weighs 4.25lbs. Strength and rope specs are labeled directly on the Notch Portawrap.

 - Large Stainless Steel Notch Portawrap is for lines up to 3/4", weighs 7 1/4 lbs. Strength and rope specs are labeled directly on the Notch Portawrap

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  • Notch Portawrap



·       Weight: Medium - 5.00 lb / Large - 8.08 lb

·       Stainless Steel

·       Tensile Strength: 20,000 lbs (88.9kN)

·       Lightweight and compact

·       Medium - lines up to 9/16"or 14mm and weighs 4.25lbs

·       Large - lines up to 3/4" and  weighs 7 1/4 lbs



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