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MEINDL Airstream

MEINDL Airstream boots are the tried and tested chainsaw boots ideal for the needs of people handling chainsaws. These boots meet the requirements established by the kwf workshop "Safety boots for forestry work". Moreover these shoes have all the benefits of the well-proven MEINDL trekking shoe technology (DIGAFix lacing, AIRStream technology, MFSystem).

Air Revolution®
Air Revolution® provides optimum foot temperature. By this new shoe design MEINDL footwear has superseded Gore- Tex standards of breathability by 33% percent. Thus Air Revolution® shoes offer excellent protection against overheating even under heavy duty (8 or more walking hours). At the same time such shoes offer protection against cold feet since dry feet will stay warm for a longer period of time.

Orthopedically advantageous boot height of 17,5 cm. Sufficient saw cut protection at the front with a tongue length of 23 cm. Conspicuously colored hull construction of rubber. Steel cap.

Narrow rubber profile sole with good grip and distinct edges, V-shaped profile ("clamping principle") offers lateral slip-protection. "Resilient" PU midsole (shockabsorber). Supination support, pronation support.

Innovative lacing system "DIGAFix®":
DIGAfix® - the flexible, pressure- free, diagonal fixing - ensures "all-round and more adjustable" lacing. Tightening takes place at the correct point, the hook is higher and protrudes less. Upper and lower shaft can be laced separately. Removable, anatomically shaped tongue. Tough, washable removable foot bed with shock absorber. Gore-Tex® lining - MFSystem - special foam padding. Makes for "perfect fit"!

AirRevolution System (AIRStream) with very high breathability, approx. 30 percent above the average Gore- Tex®shoe. When walking the in-built pumping action provides extra removal of humidity.!

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