Marlow Venom 11.8mm Climbing Rope 1 Eye

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  • Marlow Venom 11.8mm Climbing Rope 1 Eye

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Venom is a new light weight arborist climbing line designed specifically for the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and modern climbing techniques.

Venom has a braided nylon core that works symbiotically with the 24 plait jacket to give a rope with exceptional flexibility and handling without compromising on durability.

Rope Properties


·         Rope Classification: A

·         Diameter (mm): 11.8

·         Sheath Slippage: 0%

·         50-150kg Elongation (%): 3.7

·         Shrinkage (%): 4.5

·         Mass Core (g/m): 51.8

·         Mass Cover (g/m): 37.7

·         Mass Rope (g/m): 89.7

·         Average Static Strength with Spliced Eye (kN): 26.2

·         Material: Polyamide

·         Test Standard: EN 1891

**Available in 35m or 45m length**

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