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The Rope Wrench Tether ensures consistent friction, allows 1:1 efficiency, allows simple redirects and can easily be set up on multiple limbs. The ZK -2 model has rounded side plates and pins for minimal rope wear. It is fitted with a pulley wheel, to support the rope radius and minimise rope compression.

This single-leg tether has been manufactured to offer support and strength. It can be used in conjunction with the matching rope wrench. These tethers are not intended to be used as the primary support and should be incorporated into your climbing kit appropriately. No matter whether you've been climbing professionally for many years or are just embarking out on a training course, they are designed and manufactured by a leading name for peace of mind.

Sorbus International have been supplying arborists and agricultural businesses with quality tools for many years. Our goal is always to support you as you climb, being there to provide stability and peace of mind, no matter how high you go. All of our experts here have a wealth of experience, allowing them to guide you towards the right solution.

If you have any questions regarding this ISC Tether or any of the other products in our online range, contact us today. We also have an ISC Rope Wrench ZK2 supplied with Tether to suit your needs. Let us give you the answers you need to find the right item here today.

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