ISC Double Pulley for 13mm Rope

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  • ISC Double Pulley for 13mm Rope

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Manufactured by a well-respected brand, the ISC Double Pulley for 13mm Rope is a specialist, professional tool for hardworking arborists. Designed to deal with varying loads at varying speeds, it has a tailored design that always offers strength and durability.

As part of ISC's Heavy-Duty Prussik range, each pulley has a tamper-proof rivet. This ensures full compliance with CE EN 12278 (2007) and NFPA (1983). For versatility and to suit your needs, they are available for purchase in both aluminium or stainless steel. Both options provide strength with the aluminium option being impressively lightweight for quick and agile movements. In addition, choose from either bushings or roller hearings to fit your needs - bushings are ideal for high loads at low speeds while roller bearings work best with low loads at high speeds.

These pulleys are designed for rigging. They have a swing cheek action with a red anodised finish for added durability. Measuring in at 156mm long and 106mm wide, they are compact but reliable, offering a strength of 500g. Each one has been extensively proof tested and comes stamped with an individual serial number for peace of mind.

As experts in our field, Sorbus International are always on hand to provide advice and recommendations. Contact us today for more information about these ISC double pulleys or any of the other items in our online store.

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