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The IML-RESI FS is driven by a high capacity 18v Li-Ion Bosch professional drill and is easy to handle around the work site be it trees, poles or construction wood.

The instrument works entirely wirelessly for ease of use. It has been designed for difficult operating conditions, for example areal measurements in the crown of a tree. Whether you drill into hardwood or softwood – switching between the two modes is a quick and easy task.

The Resi F allows you to evaluate the results of the measurement fast and easily onsite on the 1:1 wax paper strip. The electronic pack fitted on the back of electronic devices allows for the measurement to be saved electronically where fast and efficient data transfer to the F-TOOLS software provided can be done back at the Windows Laptop/PC. This allows for professional assessments to be submitted to the customer with ease.

The “S” is an upgraded version of the standard Resi F as it incorporates additional support plates internally for added needle support withing the device, this allows for frequent hard wood drilling while reducing the risk of needle breakage.

Available Options

  • (Reinforced S-Version)
  • Drilling Depth: 38cm

Kit comes complete with:

  • Drill GSR 18V Li-Ion
  • 220V charger Li-Ion 18V
  • 2 premium batteries 18V Li-Ion
  • Shoulder strap
  • 10 drilling needles
  • 400 wax paper strips
  • Paper cassette
  • Tool for maintenance "Tool Kit"
  • System transport case
  • Instructions Manual
  • Bluetooth Electronic Unit incl. IML-Software F-Tools for IML-RESI F-Series
Download the F-Series brochure here

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