Haglof Postex Positioning System

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The Postex® system is mainly used to position trees and objects in permanent sample plots. Individual positioning of trees with the Postex® is a proven reliable work method for moderate accuracy demands as when connecting “ground truth” measurements to aerial LiDAR surveys.

  • Haglof Postex Positioning System

postex system in woods

The Postex® system is an excellent tool tofollow up individual trees in long term study projects on permanent sampleplots. One-person can measure and electronically capture all tree/ object data andposition calculations. The Postex® system has been developed in cooperationwith leading scientists and foresters and is based on proven durableinstruments and functional software from Haglöf Sweden®.

 • Use Postex® for individual positioning incoordinate systems.

• A Postex system can have differentcontents depending on user areas.

• For example, for optimal efficiency, workwith the DP Postex add-on or the Postex Laser measurement instrument and the DP IIcomputer calliper with POSTAX software (contact Sorbus for more information)

• Data can be exported as a CSV file andeasily consumed for visualization andanalysis in, for example, ArcGIS Online.

• The Postex® system allows you to gathermore field data in less time and usingreliable technology.

•Excellent for data collection for examplein National Forest Inventories.

•Developed in collaboration with leadingscientists and research institutes.

 The Postex VL5 Laser/ultrasound instrumentpermits easy and accurate height measuring of individual trees. It has a userfriendly and rugged exterior combined with a smart interior and advancedfunctionality. With ultra-sound you will not be limited to line of sightmeasurements, and not bound to targets. Seedlings may not make for good lasertargets, but with ultrasound you can position them very accurately.One person can measure and electronically capture all tree data and positioncalculations.

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