Haglof Laser Geo 3D Pile System

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The the complete 3D Pile system with Haglof Laser Geo allows you to control the size of your Log & Stockpile Inventory. With a series of simple measurement operations, advanced calculations are performed as a one-person and single instrument job.

  • Haglof Laser Geo 3D Pile System


 • Log Pile Inventory of timber

• Stockpile Inventory of woodchips, gravel and other heaps

• Takes just one person to operate

• Obtain your field data with accuracy and precision

• Control and calculate volume

• Store and process in the instrument

• Avoid pacing and climbing in hazardous areas


3D Pile is an application which offers outstanding capacity andversatility for accurate and efficient field measurement work as heightmeasuring, slope angle, distance and efficient inventory of log piles &stockpiles of timber, wood chip, gravel and more.


3D Pile application offers these functions

 • Log pile & stockpile inventory

• One shot height measuring

• Three-point height measuring

• Two-point height measuring

• Compass azimuth

• Vector measuring

• Slope angles


Connect to your USB port and open the data files that are stored as csvand kml files on the Geo device.

log pile volume

The log pile can be divided into sections. The sum of the sections’length is equal to the total pile length. Measure and register pile width,assortment and wood volume factor for each section. The volume is accounted forwith section number, number of heights, arithmetic mean height and volume for thesection. Results include arithmetic mean width for all sections, arithmetic meanheight of all measured heights and percentage of wood volume for all sections.


Stock Pile Volume

The 3D PILE function is useful to measure various types of piles andheaps. The same function can be used to calculate 2D areas, such as a clear-cutarea or the inside of a building, etc. Measure the stock pile from differentsides to create a three-dimensional image of the pile. The instrument saves theheights and coordinates for all the measuring points and all data is stored inCSV and KML format.




Work with the free ware application HeapCalcVol for Windows, provided byHaglöf Sweden.

This application evaluates the target CSV data file and estimates thetotal area and volume for an area or a pile. HeapCalcVol analyzes the positionsfor the base points, tilts up the heap if needed, and applies a 1x1m grid onthe heap where the height of each grid point is calculated by the closestreference points using the K-nearest neighbour algorithm (k-NN method).

Comes with LaserGeo, Pile measurement software & non-magnetic monopod 

**Pleasecontact Sorbus for pricing on the Haglof Vertex Laser Geo 3D Pile system**

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